President of Hinsdale Nurseries, James Cirrincione has served our customers in various positions for 12 years with over 20 total years of industry knowledge. With his BA from Marquette University and MBA from Loyola University Chicago, Jim’s primary business objective is exceeding our customers’ expectations. Fair, loyal and fun, he’s a great leader and role model for our staff. Helping to find solutions for customers is his favorite part about his job. Jim's favorite plant is the Amsonia Hubrichtii (Narrow Leaf Bluestar). This is a great perennial for massing in a sunny to partly sunny spot in the yard. It has interesting texture and outstanding fall color to the foliage. This plant attracts butterflies and is deer and rabbit resistant. Jim has lived in the Chicago area for 40 years, where he’s now enjoying raising his own children.

Retail Manager and Seasonal Color Buyer

Paul Dobrowolski puts more than three decades of industry experience to work for you as Retail Manager and Seasonal Color Buyer at Hinsdale Nurseries. He thrives on managing a variety of responsibilities, helping customers find solutions and exceeding expectations. A native of our Western Suburbs, Paul’s favorite plant for our region is the Chelone Lyonii ‘Hot Lips’ (Hot Lips Pink Turtlehead). This plant adds a pop of late summer color in a partially shaded spot. Deep green summer foliage changes to bronze tones in the fall. It is also good for groupings in those wet areas where most plants won’t grow. In addition to horticulture, his passions include dog rescue and architecture, making Paul a truly helpful and dynamic guy to get to know.

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Wholesale Yard Manager 

Master Gardener Certified by the University of Illinois and with a degree in Ornamental Horticulture, David Aniballi applies 27 years of industry experience in serving our customers as Wholesale Yard Manager. Dave takes pride in how Hinsdale Nurseries caters to wholesale, retail and landscape customers with high quality plant material, innovative harvesting methods and excellent service. He frequently hears from customers how the plant material from Hinsdale Nurseries adapts better to their landscapes and is far superior than than what they had received from other nurseries. Dave's favorite shrubs are Viburnums, one of the best shrubs to use in our area. It has many different forms as far as fragrant varieties for specimen use and many others used for hedging, dwarf forms for tight areas etc. When not gardening, you’ll find Dave fishing, shooting hoops or at the iLandscape Show.

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Nursery Manager

Known as “JR.,” Thomas Tecza Jr. is our Nursery Manager at Hinsdale Nurseries with 30 years of experience. Having himself grown up in the nursery business, it's no surprise what JR. enjoys most about his work is nurturing a plant from seed and growing it for years until it goes to a customer to enjoy. Customers frequently comment how full, heavy and reliable our plants are. One of his favorites is Blackhaw Viburnum for its four seasons of ornamental interest. Devoted to his family, JR., knows it's important to stop and smell the roses, which has always been easy in the field he loves so much.

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Assistant Nursery Manager

Dennis Rohr is our Assistant Nursery Manager at Hinsdale Nurseries. He started working in the industry at age 16 and 27 years later is still going strong. With a passion for plants and customer care, Dennis knows that Hinsdale Nurseries stands out in quality and service. Native to our area, Dennis enjoys woodworking and hiking in addition to gardening. Looking ahead in 2014, he's excited about the expanding line of First Edition plants we're growing to offer our customers.

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Wholesale Sales/Accounts Receivable

You’ll find Christine Bormet in Wholesale Sales/Accounts Receivable at Hinsdale Nurseries. With a degree in Criminal Justice and experience as a legal assistant before applying her savvy to serving our customers, she’s lived in the region her whole life. Christine’s favorite tree for the Midwest is the Tricolor Beech for its showy leaves and stand-out qualities. Christine knows Hinsdale Nurseries is also a stand-out place to work and enjoys her time with all of her fellow coworkers. In her free time, Christine enjoys playing tennis and long bike rides on the weekends to stay on top of her game.

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Retail Landscape Designer and Seasonal Product Buyer

Gina Lange holds the positions of Retail Landscape Designer and Seasonal Product Buyer. She has worked in the industry for 10 years as a Landscape Designer and a Container Garden Designer. Gina has a certification in Ornamental Horticulture – Landscape Design & Maintenance. Her hobbies include Jazzercise and gardening. She loves encouraging gardeners of any level to enjoy the gifts that nature offers. One of Gina’s favorite trees is the Amelanchier (Serviceberry) because it provides four seasons of interest and food for birds.

Farm Office Manager

Janice Dunn has been with Hinsdale Nurseries since the fall of 2014 and serves as our Farm Office Manager. She has 38 years of experience working in the nursery industry. Janice has a Bachelor of Science degree in Ornamental Horticulture from the University of Illinois and is knowledgeable in all areas, with a particular expertise in perennials and vegetables. Her hobbies include gardening, cooking and entertaining. Janice loves learning more about growing trees, shrubs and flowers. One of her favorite trees is the Bur Oak because of its’ bold, strong and stately look.

Production Manager/Cultural Manager

Jeff works for Hinsdale Nurseries as a Production Manager/Cultural Manager. Jeff has been in the industry for 30 years working for many garden centers and the Chicago Botanic Garden. His educational background is in Ornamental Horticulture attending both Kishwaukee College and The University of Illinois. Jeff loves to prune trees and shrubs and likes to fish for a hobby. One of his favorite plants is the Cardinal Flower because it can be a dynamic part of the garden.

Wholesale Sales Representative

Marlena has worked as a Wholesale Sales Representative for Hinsdale Nurseries since 2001. She takes great pride in her position while providing pleasant and helpful service to our wholesale customers. Marlena attended Triton College after moving to this area from Poland. Her hobbies include working out, bike riding, reading and gardening. Marlena’s favorite flower is the Lilac because of its’ wonderful fragrance.

Landscape Division Manager

Michael is the Landscape Division Manager for Hinsdale Nurseries. He has been with Hinsdale Nurseries since 2007 when he joined us right after college. Michael has a bachelors degree in Horticulture with a concentration in Landscape Design from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He enjoys spending time with his family, walking his dogs, and working in his yard. Michael’s favorite shrub is the Hydrangeas because it blooms from June all the way through fall.

Landscape Maintenance Manager/Color Designer

Sandy has been with Hinsdale Nurseries since 2006. She serves as the Landscape Maintenance Manager/Color Designer. Sandy has over 20 years experience in the industry. She attended the Collage of DuPage and is licensed with the Illinois Department of Agriculture. Sandy loves to garden and spend time with her family. Her favorite flower is the Guara because it adds great color with no maintenance.

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