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June Seminar: An Intro To Herbs

Posted May 15, 2019
    June Seminar: An Intro To HerbsJoin us at Hinsdale Nurseries on Saturday, June 1st at 11am for tips on growing herbs that look, smell, and taste beautiful.We will unveil our harvesting secrets for a selection of garden herbs and share our favorite recipes while we’re at it.The seminar is free but space is limited, so please call ahead at 630-323-1411 to reserve your seat.Connect with Us!630-323-14117200 S. Madison St.Willowbrook, ILBlog: …

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Landscaping Through The Ages.

Posted May 14, 2019
  Gardening and landscaping is a good time no matter what you dig. Even history buffs have green thumbs! And, they especially like us because we’ve been in the game for over 150 years, and in that time, we’ve learned a lot about how to grow strong, hardy plants. Check out our new video to see just what we mean.Visit us at Hinsdale Nurseries or call 630-323-1411 to learn more. Connect with Us! 630-323-1411 7200 S. Madison St. Willowbrook, IL Blog: …

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Winter Burn on Evergreens

Posted April 29, 2019
  WINTER BURN ON EVERGREENSWith unexpected snow and a prolonged winter comes unexpected winter burn on evergreens.Winter winds can pull moisture from the foliage of evergreens. If the plant cannot draw water from the ground to replace what is lost, the result is a browning, or desiccation, of leaves or needles. This is called Winter Burn. As winter conditions vary from year to year, this damage may be more prevalent in some years versus others. Broadleaf …

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Garden Uniquely: Inner Stylist Video

Posted April 3, 2019
Fashion. We can dig it.  In our latest video, we discuss the many ways you can showcase your stylish side through landscaping. It’s time to accessorize your way to a gorgeous yard. Whether it’s color, shape, dimension, or all of the above that get your creative juices flowing, this video will show you how you can funnel your flair into something bigger, brighter, and blooming.You may even learn a little something while you’re at it.Visit us …

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Gardening In April Seminar: From Small To Stunning Spaces

Posted March 26, 2019
 April Seminar: From Small To Stunning Spaces   We’re celebrating spring’s arrival in a big way—and beautifying even the smallest of spaces.   Join us at Hinsdale Nurseries on Saturday, April 13th at 10am to learn how to choose plants that best enhance your landscape. With our tips and tricks, you can cultivate a statement landscape, even if your yard is spatially challenged.   We’ll touch on our favorite selections, as well as exciting new tree and shrub introductions.   As always, the …

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Gardening Tip: Pair These Plants

Posted March 5, 2019
    Gardening Tip: Pair These PlantsPlants can be picky. So, it’s important to tend to your plants’ “preferences” to attain optimal garden health. Since a diverse garden makes for a stunning sight, we’ve listed a few plants that “prefer” similar conditions, grow beautifully together, and will stop passersby in their tracks.Astilbe + BrunneraThese shade-lovers both grow well in moist, well-drained soil. Astilbe and Brunnera pack a beautiful punch of color, and require little maintenance.Simple Hosta + …

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Landscaping Now: We’re Back!

Posted January 23, 2019
  We’re back from break and feeling especially creative.(And, we’ve missed you!)Whether you’re ready to create your dream landscape with our design experts at our garden center or prepped to paint your yard with plants that reflect your bright personality, we’re here to help.   Our hours are: Monday - Friday 7:00am - 3:30pmClosed Saturday & Sunday Visit us at Hinsdale Nurseries or call 630-323-1411 for more info. Ready to turn your yard into a work of art? Us, too.   Connect with …

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Thank You to Our Customers

Posted December 10, 2018
We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of our wonderful customers as we come to the end of another year. We truly appreciate the continued support you give us.We will be closing for our winter break on December 20th and will re-open on January 21st. Have a great holiday season from our family to yours.  …

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Gardening for Health 101 Video

Posted October 23, 2018
      Gardening doesn't just create a beautiful landscape, it nurtures a healthier you. From the inside out, this craft does all sorts of good. It’s a great way to balance what’s going on emotionally, as well as what’s weighing on the physical body.  Watch the latest Hinsdale Nurseries video for a myriad of ways gardening can help you dig into excellent health. The benefits are bountiful!   Connect with Us! 630-323-14117200 S. Madison St.Willowbrook, IL Blog: Facebook: …

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Plant Bulbs Now For Spring Blooms

Posted October 11, 2018
 Here at Hinsdale Nurseries, we were asked several questions about bulbs as they began to blossom last spring. So, we devoted a little time to the seasonal favorites so you can grow your own with success.Plant your bulbs, like tulips, crocus, hyacinth, daffodils, and alliums ASAP. Now is the time to do so because the ground is cool, but not frozen. This allows the plants to develop strong root systems to keep them anchored and …

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