Notes from the Nursery

End of Summer Container Tips

Posted September 19, 2017
 With the change of seasons, it’s time to consider what to do with your summer containers. • If your planters are still going strong with the exception of a tired or leggy plant here or there, pull out the old and freshen up the design with a colorful pepper or ruffled kale. • If your design needs a new centerpiece, consider an ornamental grass or a colorful Swiss Chard. These will last …

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Landscaping 101: How To Plant A Tree

Posted September 5, 2017
 Here at Hinsdale Nurseries, we care about the quality of your landscape and your planting experience. To assist you in getting the best of both, we’ve shared our latest video full of tree-planting know-how. Whether you’re baffled by how wide the hole for your tree should be or by how much mulch you should add around it, this video will help guide the way to your green thumb. Still have questions? We’re always here …

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Free Fall Seminar is Set for September - Landscape For Curb Appeal

Posted August 29, 2017
It’s that time again. On Saturday, September 16 at 10am, Hinsdale Nurseries is hosting a free fall seminar.  We know how creative you are and also know how unfamiliar the landscaping language can be. It’s time to kick confusion to the curb and let your creativity thrive. At this year’s seminar, our design experts will divulge their favorite methods of taking a landscape to the next level. You’ll learn how to increase property value, so you …

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Japanese Beetles Causing Skeleton Leaves?

Posted July 20, 2017
   Skeletons in summer? If your plant and shrub leaves are growing thinner with more and more holes all over them, you may just be the victim of hungry Japanese Beetles! The Japanese Beetle is a 1/2 inch long insect with a metallic green body and coppery brown wing covers. This uninvited pest eats the tissue found between leaf veins which causes leaves to become frail and look skeletonized. Severe infestation of the Japanese Beetle can even …

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Gardening Seminar for Glorious Hydrangeas

Posted June 1, 2017
   Come one, come all to our June Seminar. Join us on Saturday, June 10th at 10am to learn all about a beautiful summer favorite: hydrangeas. This universal flower comes in a myriad of colors and sizes which means anyone can easily find their own, perfect fit. And we’re excited to help you discover yours. On Saturday, we’ll get to the root of growing, caring for, and nurturing this pretty plant. Whether you want to add a touch of …

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Planting Local: Our Secrets to Optimum Plant Health

Posted May 16, 2017
   There is an art to successful plant farming. Our 600+ acre farm? That’s our canvas. Most of the vast selection and volume at Hinsdale Nurseries comes directly from our local farm in Plano, Illinois. There, we can test and control plant conditions to make sure you’re getting the best of the best. In fact, we’re doing so with over 15,000 trees, over 35,000 shrubs and over 100,000 perennials right now. What you’ll find at Hinsdale Nurseries is …

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Freshly Live: Catch us on Comcast

Posted April 25, 2017
Freshly Live: Catch us on Comcast Our bright, bold television commercial is now live. We're inspired by the spring season, which also happens to be prime time for planting. From shrubs and succulents to conifers and even evergreens, we’ve got the plants you need to cultivate the garden—or landscape—of your dreams. (You can even relieve a little stress while you're at it.)We've funneled our springtime inspiration into our latest TV commercial, now airing on local Chicagoland Comcast channels and available …

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"Thriller, Filler, Winner" Summer Container Contest 2017

Posted April 18, 2017
  Our Summer Container Contest is in bloom! All non-professional designers are welcome to create their most lush and lively container arrangements for entry into this year’s Summer Container Contest. Just craft your work of art and email a photo of it to us along with an address and phone number. Customers may enter multiple containers. The more, the merrier! Deadline for entries is June 5th.Once we receive your entry, we’ll post it on our Facebook page. …

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Landscaping Seminar for Beautiful Designs and Pollinator Pals

Posted April 4, 2017
 Our Spring Gardening Seminar is just around the corner. Join us on Saturday, April 22 at 10 am for “The Buzz about Pollinators” to learn both how to beautify your yard through the art of landscaping, as well as how your efforts can help reverse the detrimental decline in pollinators. Bees and butterflies do more than buzz through shrubs and wisp through trees. In fact, they are a vital part of the ecosystem. Their pollination …

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Hinsdale Nurseries' Landscape Design Service Can Create Your Dream Landscape

Posted March 13, 2017
Watch our new landscape design video and learn about our team and how our landscape design process works.  For over 90 years Hinsdale Nurseries has built our reputation around attentive customer service, creative landscape design and highly skilled craftsmanship.  We are recognized for using superior gardening plant and hardscape materials. Call us today at 630-323-1411 ext. 4 or visit us at to learn how we can transform your yard into a beautiful landscape.  Connect with Us! (630) 323-14117200 S. Madison …

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