Japanese Beetles Causing Skeleton Leaves?



Skeletons in summer? If your plant and shrub leaves are growing thinner with more and more holes all over them, you may just be the victim of hungry Japanese Beetles!

The Japanese Beetle is a 1/2 inch long insect with a metallic green body and coppery brown wing covers. This uninvited pest eats the tissue found between leaf veins which causes leaves to become frail and look skeletonized. Severe infestation of the Japanese Beetle can even cause defoliation. Their favorite plants to gobble away at include roses, crabapples, cherries, grapes and linden. Keep an eye out so these pesky insects don’t get the best of your garden or landscaping!

Japanese Beetles first appear in the Chicagoland area in late June, and can bite their way through the summer and fall months unless managed. In attempts to help you avoid this “skeleton” situation, we have provided further information that includes details on the beetle’s life cycle with management strategies, too. Read on, get informed and ask away! We’re always happy to chat in-store or at 630-323-1411.

Skeletons are for Halloween, not your plants. 

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Posted July 20, 2017

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