Festive Plant Infusions for Fall


It doesn’t take a clock to know what time it is. It’s fall, of course, which means it’s time to add a pumpkin spice latte to your morning routine and your favorite seasonal goodies to your landscape. 

Try out these simple tips to kick your yard into festive mode—you might even notice people stopping for a second glance.

For pumpkin traditionalists, up the fun factor with a set of multi-color pumpkins in different sizes. This creates texture and depth that will light up your yard, porch, and garden. Gourds are fantastic for this too.

For flower fanatics, try out a new shade of your favorite blossom. Whether it’s pansies, mums, or even cabbage, you can create contrast in your yard by using warm red-orange tones or deep purple hues.

For the green thumb, place all of the above and whatever else your heart desires into beautiful pottery. These make for awesome, eye-catching accents.

You can find all of this and more at Hinsdale Nurseries’ 11-acre retail location. Come by, explore the options, and chat about your fall planting ideas with our specialists so you can decorate your yard to reflect your zest for the season from now until you’re heating your hands with a hot cup of cocoa.

  • And don’t forget to carve a pumpkin! 

For more information on how to amp up your yard’s festivity, visit us or call 630-323-1411.

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Posted October 3, 2017

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