The Science Behind Growing Nature’s Best Plants


At Hinsdale Nurseries, we use a time-tested method that allows us to provide you with the healthiest plants.  

But what does that actually mean? Our plants are healthy, strong, and transfer well since they were originally grown in local soil. Not only do our plants thrive in the local soil of our 650-acre farm in Plano, IL from the start, but they continue to do so once in your yard due to the familiarity of the soil and the solid rooting they’ve already established. Optimal plant health is also thanks to use of our softwood propagation technique, reflected step by step in our latest video.

Take a peek to see how the time, attention, and care we put into growing our plants set us apart from the rest and will do the same for your landscape.

For more information on the science behind a lovely landscape, visit us or call 630-323-1411.

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Posted November 15, 2017

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