Which Spring Blossom Are You?

Bleak temps may be stuck on our local forecast, but at Hinsdale Nurseries, visions of bright, vibrant blossoms are dancing through our heads.  

Exercise your anticipation for spring’s beautiful blooms with our home-grown personality quiz. Consider your personal style to discover which spring flower best suits you. Let’s go!

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If you:

  • appreciate organization
  • can’t get enough color
  • like the taste of onions

...you’re set to the tune of a tulip.


The tulip is known for often having perfectly-symmetrical flower buds, comes in almost any color, and has edible petals that deliver an onion-like flavor.

Photo Attribute: Pexels.com

If you:

  • enjoy hanging in large groups
  • look on the bright side
  • carry a water bottle with you everywhere you go

...you’re definitely a daffodil. 

The daffodil likes to grow in large clusters and is recognized for its uplifting yellow hue. This flower likes to grow, grow, grow, and prefers plenty of water daily to do so. 

If you:

  • are a history fan 
  • just like to chill
  • aren't big on furry "friends"

...crocus is the name of your game. 

While the crocus dates back to prehistoric Greece, it is not a fan of extreme heat. Keep an eye on this plant. You’ll likely find a squirrel pest trying to dig up its bulb. 

It’s always refreshing to try something new in your garden or landscape, so whether you go with the flower that fits your personality—or try your exact opposite—you’re sure to enjoy the bold shades they’ll bring to your spring.

Ready to grow? Visit us or call 630-323-1411 and we’ll start with the very first seed.

Photo Attribute: Pexels.com  

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Posted February 14, 2018

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